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About Me


About Me

Born in Strumica, Macedonia I am now a New York based artist and designer with a focus in drawing, painting and ceramic sculpture. My fine art practice stems from exploring themes of surrealism and the subconscious mind. My goal is to communicate humor, folly and human emotion in a variety of disciplines from 2D and 3D

My practice began like many other artists, a self exploration and dive in the subconscious. I have always been fascinated with surrealism and enjoy communicating a sense of introspection and dynamic ideas within my work. The human body has remained a consistent theme in my work and has shown to be the starting ground for my self expression. 

My time at the Milwaukee Institute of art and Design has developed my skills as a designer of built objects, construction, interior space and architecture. With a focus in Interior Architecture I began to see the world through the eyes of a designer, an organizer of ideas, space and maker of experiences

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