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dining chair
Chair cover.png
Design Concept
In modern times the tradition of dining has slowly left the dinner table. We often see these traditions of formal dining becoming abandoned and replaced by TV diners and eating anywhere with a flat surface. Through analyzing proper sitting posture this chair is meant to bring the formality and tradition of eating at a dinner table back to the family home.
white leather.jpg
Exploded View
Joinery Detail
chair exploded view.png
Formality in the dining room is becoming more and more of a fleeting idea in modern society. We often take for granted the importance of a gathering that takes place over a meal and resort to gathering around unconventional places such as living rooms. 
chair side view.png
Proper posture while eating can have many health benefits and makes the act of eating much more enjoyable. Today most people suffer from back pain due to extended periods of sitting and hunching. This chair is meant to correct posture and allow for a healthier and proper dining experience.
chair top view.png
Timeless elegance is an important aspect in a long lasting piece of furniture. The conversations had and experiences shared at the dinner table can be some of the most treasured memories a family can have. The chairs on which these memories are made should share the same value. 
chair front view.png
Final Product
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